I was looking at the G-SPE


I was looking at the G-SPEED ES 8TB Hard Drive RAID System, it is RAID 5. Well I called the Viddoguys.com to see if it would work with my MacBook Pro, they said the G-Speed ES RAID 5 would not work because of the connections. That is what was explained to me, I don’t know if that is 100 % True, but that is what the Videoguys said to me. What kind of Drobo? How would it work with the 4 TB Caldigit VR? What is a Carbon Copy Cloner, How does it work with The Mac, Caldigit VR, and the Drobo? I hope these questions don’t seem to obvious, but like I said I am rookie at this. The nice thing about the Caldigit VR is I can replace the hard drive modules, so I was also thinking of getting 2 more 2TB hard drive modules, so I could hot swap and have more storage space.

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