I was literally just having


I was literally just having this mental debate, which is why I came here. I started out with Canon for both stills and video (though I never upgraded past a 60D) and have since switched over to Fuji for a whole variety of reasons…and I love it!

Now, I am a huge fan of streamlining my equipment, if for no other reason than cost. Unless there’s a specific reason for needing multiple camera systems, I’d prefer not to. In light of that, I’ve been looking to sell off my Canon gear to afford the X-T2. I already use the Fuji system exclusively for most all of my work, have lenses, accessories, etc., so the X-T2 would seem like the logical choice. However, I’ve been wondering if there are any specific benefits to going Sony for a separate video setup. (Staying with Fuji for stills, definitely.)

As for the comment about apprehension over Fuji’s RAW (or RAF) files being difficult to work with, I say you needn’t worry. All RAW files will require a certain level of adjustments to get an image to a particular “baseline” for further editing. Coming from Canon, it was a little unique to get used to at first, but before long I had a good handle on what that baseline meant for my images (I use Lightroom exclusively), and now it’s not even a second thought. The more I use the Fuji X series, the most I love it!

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