I was just at a pro video


I was just at a pro video assn meeting last night (first time for me with this one) and one guy was saying his standard price for weddings starts at $1700 (he did one last month for $5300 however). The group’s moderator pointed out that in this economy, you take what you can get to keep the camera rolling – even as little as $500. I guess that makes sense but boy that comes out to very little $$$ for such an investment in time….

The only wedding I ever did was for a friend and I filmed for over 12 hours (spent the whole day with them as they prepared plus the ceremony & reception) plus well over 120 hours of editing (it had to be perfect as it was my gift). They loved it but I don’t know if I could do this for a living – I am way too much of a perfectionist and I don’t know if I could get what I wanted in only 30 hours (although there are some who have a model/template/formula they use that allows for a one day edit).

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