I was asked to add my opin


I was asked to add my opinion here, so I’ll repeat what I’ve said before.

I’ve used Vegas Home Studio 6.0 for several years. Since I generally shoot three camera, match-cut productions, the limit of 4 video & audio tracks would seem to be a problem. Especially since I use animated lower thirds (with a mask) and titles on top of that. But I have a workflow to make it easy. But the question is would I recommend Vegas Platinum 8.0?

And since I’ve been trying to justify an upgrade for myself, I’d have to say “YES!” If for no other reason, Platinum has the same color correction tools that Vegas Pro uses. Then there’s at least one hundred NewBlu EFX filters and tons more transitions Vegas 6.0 doesn’t have. And I have to mention that Vegas Platinum also supports editing & rendering in HD. And since my clients have been asking about HD (for web sites?) and I’d like to give them what they ask for. (Even if they don’t really need it.)

But now I’m stuck between upgrading to Platinum or going to B & H to purchase the full version of Vegas 8.0 for a touch over $130. There isn’t a hard copy of the manual and it lacks the DVD Architect software, but I can live without a manual and I have an older version of DVD Architect. I just have to budget it into my equipment fund. But I must say that if Vegas Platinum had been available when I got my copy of Vegas Home Studio 6.0, I would have purchased it to start with. It really is a lot more editor for not much more money.

Have fun editing whatever NLE you finally select.

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