I was a total pc guy didn’


I was a total pc guy didn’t even like macs. That was before the last semester at college. My instructors, myself, and the other instructional assistants did a quick study to see if we should continue to teach a mix of Premiere Pro and Avid on dell pcs or switch to something else. We found out that most of the professional post houses in the Dallas area (as well as everywhere else for that matter) were either using Macs with Final Cut Pro and/or Avid Media Composer/Xpress or SGI systems with Discreet software on it. There were also a couple of places that had a Avid DS system running on a PC as it is PC only. The moral of the story is that in this industry people generally use Macs. Some places use PCs of course but most use macs. My first job was my first experience with macs. I never used FCP before and I would say that it took me about a day to get it down. It works just like premiere. Now I have a mac at home and I hate to use my PCs too buggy. But don’t think that the mac wont crash it will. Just not as much. The thing that makes macs better is that they control the hardware and the software. Yes some PCs have that magical mix of the right mother board and the right processor that work well together. In my experience this doesnt happen every time. The one desktop PC that I have left at home does not crash much. At work however I use a 4k dollar Xeon machine that crashes every time you look at it funny. Apple does not have the problem of hardware incompatibility because they make everything the software and hardware.

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