I was a seriously advanced


I was a seriously advanced hobbyist for years and a few years ago moved into the pro world.

I have several important issues but the biggest I face has to do with money – and it’s twofold.

On the income side, I consistently charge less than my services are worth – I have been trying to rectify that however it’s amazing how many people want a $10K video project done for under $1K.

On the expense side, my biggest battle is limited funds – I am ALWAYS on the prowl for free or cheap software & assets. Sometimes it doesn’t need to be cheap but it always needs to provide a huge value (bang for the buck).

Best Products

The best new video tech at CES 2019

Every year, we head to CES to check out the latest innovations in consumer technology and look for the next big thing in video production. CES 2019 was no exception.