i want to thank you so muc


i want to thank you so much mr comp and my first plan is to do like it was mentioned in previous posts to just take a donation for service. i will give them three disc,one for the bride and one a piece for his and her family but they want more i will have to charge for them and i planned to get two of the c7’s, i saw a pair on e-bay (which i never tried before) my mother used to say son you have to crawl before you can walk! and mrs bub did finnaly start to feel sorry for me but that was after another hit on my budget i’m down to $1200 but the opening bid was $375 for one so im going to go for it and place a bid for $450 a piece and mrs bub actuly is going to let me increase the bid up to $1500 which would be 750 a piece she thinks thats high but i showed her the one you have which is the one i really wanted and i guess she saw a man-child waiting for santa at christmas eve. so we will see how it goes. these are people from my church and they had got quotes of 2-3k which they said they couldn’t afford, so i think if i explain it to them very carfully i shouldn’t have any complants. but two should get me started i hope, till i can grow into having at least four and some other goodies i seen and want. well i better get to the e-bay site to learn how that goes so i don’t mess a possable good deal, i wouldn’t even consider it if i didn’t see you getting that fx practicly handed to you. i hope it’s working well for you too! im going at this profession because i got so many complaments from some of the work i did for people and im tired of being out here on the road like right now im stuck in newark nj of all places and i only live maybe a good 40-50 miles from here (would go home but the tolls are $40bucks she would take that out of my budget haha.) im only looking for it to bring in a few extra $$ but if it grows i’ll take it and i want to go to school so i will not be preying knowledge from you so much but i thank you so much ! "BUB"

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