I want to say something ab


I want to say something about HD.

I bought the Sony HDR-SR12, which is HD and HDD. I record in HD and I replay on my Sony Bravia TV in HD. I just plug into the mini HDMI on my camera to the HDMI on my TV. Voila! I’ve HD playback.

I have a Blue-Ray player, but I understand the camera will actually facilitate burning Blu-Ray disks. I haven’t done this yet, but I plan to over the next couple weeks.

I’m not a purist folks so don’t get your drawers in a knot over my over simplified responses. I think anyone spending serious money to get into videomaking should not over-look HD. Every TV in America will be HD by February next year, the broadband speeds are sufficient to run HD quality over the internet.

SO, I say step into the future NOW, even if you don’t plan to go there NOW.

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