“I want to be able to do d


I want to be able to do depth of field…………My budget is ~$1K-2.2K”

I’m afraid you may be dissapointed with the depth of field of most, if not all prosumer cameras by themselves. Most need to have a 35mm lens adapter that will allow you to use 35mm lenses to achieve that professional film like depth of field….a good adapter will run around $1800.

ifyour budget is only 2.2k, I thinkit may be wise to seriously consider something like the Cannon EOS 7D especially if you want to take advantageof the depth of field of a 35 mm lens……I think it will work great for what you want to do…being able to use 35 mm lenses makes a world a difference and these DSLR cameras make it possible at a fraction of the cost…Eventhough they have some limitations, they produce some pretty impressive professional HD video images.

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