I voted no, but mainly bec


I voted no, but mainly because I don’t think the prosumer/pro market wants to go around carrying these dainty things. We like us a beefy camera! πŸ˜€ . Plus, if I recall, can’t these cameras only hold like 12 minutes of video on a card? How fun would it be to have to switch cards 7 times to get a wedding or event video?

I think beyond that, the only other complaint I have is that is the nature of people’s attitude towards still cameras. What do you do when you see someone pointing a still camera at you? You strike a pose, maybe say cheese, and hold still so they can take your picture. This is just how we’ve been raised. So when you go to a video shoot and start pointing this camera that looks just like an average still camera st them, you’re bound to get something different than the natural grace you can capture using a video camera that looks, well, like a video camera.

If you want to know my complaint, it bothers me that Canon won’t drop this technology into a camcorder body. If they did, I’d buy it in a second.

Barely related note: Casio now makes still cameras that shoot high speed video – up to and beyond 1000 frames per second! I’ve always wanted a high-speed camera, and these things make that an affordable reality (I’ve seen some online for under $500). That’s a still camera that I’d definitely buy for the video aspect of it.

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