I vocally enter date, time


I vocally enter date, time, location and event at the beginning of my Zoom H2 recordings, and subsequent cards if any. I usually, if it is a situation where I can, clap my hands or issue a quick whistle while rolling tape/H2.

In post I sync up the markers used to identify. I’ve found that using H2 audio longer than a half-hour or so can occasionally result in some drift or delay, though it has not proven critical to me. I also usually “normalize” the audio either via the H2 (take some time) or my editing system audio programs, burn an AIFF CD backup and files to my audio hard drive (just in case Murphy is lurking) and often will cut sections of my audio into smaller more manageable segments (especially if lip synching is imperative) before adding to my project.

Even though that takes away from my original synching sounds (clap or whistle) it is easy to work with the timecode to get to where I want if I’m keeping notes or paying attention.

Developing an approach that works for you will eventually make the whole process easier and quicker to perform.

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