I video tape a lot of fest


I video tape a lot of festivals and public forums.???My cameras are usually Sony PD 170’s and?once in a while a?Sony HDR-HC7. ?For public forums I double mic the cameras so that each camera has a wireless hand held mic and either a wireless lapel mic or a standard camera book mic.? The HC7 is used as a backup crow shot with an external mic away from the camera to rid myself of the camera noise.? I will place the hand held mics on mic stands near the podium.? The views public wil see three mics and percieve it as a press conference type atmosphere.? ?If I’m lucky the guest speaker wil wear the lapel mic and the people putting on the program will be speaking close enough to hand held mic’s to get good reception.? During the presentation I wander around monitoring the cameras and refilling the minidv?chambers when necessary. ?

The cameras should be set up to catch the speaker with one and the visual aids with the other.? If your real lucky you came make arrangements with the speaker to get jpeg?files and releases before the shoot.?? Video taping slide shows off of a screen only works about 50% of the time.? Inserting Jpeg files in their appropriate areas during editing makes a much more effective replay of the program.? I also carry a SLR digital camera with me using it to take still shots.? Merging still shots is a great way to fix a scene when the big guy…or gal stands in front of your camera during the important part of the speech.? My editing programs are Final Cut Pro, Adobe premeire, Sony Vegas Pro and Photoshop CS3.? Remember even the evening news live reporter needs a Story Board.? The minute you spend planning your shoot will save you hours in the editing room.

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