I very seriously doubt VHS


I very seriously doubt VHS of any type would be acceptable by a studio, PBS or TVO. Even when VHS was a more popular consumer format it was not acceptable to these places over U-Matic or the Betacam formats, S-VHS and then, of course, digital. Nothing wrong with utilizing VHS or the compact VHS (VHS-C) for personal use, I suppose, if that’s your ONLY option, but the tape simply doesn’t hold up to long-term storage nor multi-pass editing, shredding off bits with each pas as you digitize it or try to work from the original masters. VHS never was a preferred professional format, really, and certainly wouldn’t be accepted now.

The ONLY possible exception is if you had footage of something unique and one-of-a-kind that had occurred or existed and was NOT available in any other resource … something, say, historically significant.

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