I value video very much, a


I value video very much, and am building a business online based on what I believe. The more people are able to share it, the more likely they will pay for high quality edited footage.

Online video is definitely a growing trend, but it’s not likely to replace disc-based distribution any time soon – especially for high definition content. The important thing here is the comment that starting with high-quality source is desirable regardless of your final intended output, whether it be at low resolution on the internet or otherwise. If you use HD cameras you can deliver quality suitable for anything from a Blu-ray disc to a video iPod; if you don’t use HD cameras you’ll miss out on the growing market for HD discs.

So you can spend the $15-30 for each of these blank disks today. And the $800-1000 player. Learn java to create your navigation for these one way optical disks. Get a thousand dollar computer to edit in high def. Purchase software which allows editing in high def. Hope your client gets a thousand dollar flat screen to appreciate your high def work. And sell to that 1 person who can consume your media. Or create your process and workflow and deliver it online.

Right, let’s all learn to be web programmers so we can post our videos online with marginal quality and then have that pirated to the entire world for free. Not that disc-based distribution will prevent piracy, but at least people who buy discs will pay something for them when many online users won’t – or will maybe pay $1.99 for a download if they’re feeling generous. Seriously though, it’s a fair point that online distribution is a useful option to consider, but it won’t eliminate disc-based distribution in the next few years. So just do both…

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