I usually shot in 60i not


I usually shot in 60i not in 30p I find if you are shooting a subject with lots of motion 60i handles to moves better that 30p and it looks like you are shooting in a relatively dark environment. I usual got that level of quality when i was shooting in dark environs when using my Canon Vixies , an hf 10 and an hf 200 with 1/3 sensors So you might ad more light in the venue if possible Or check your camera setting for low lite shooting.

As far as your video looks, I shoot some similar stuff and some times use the tool in Vegas to increase the contrast and lite levels and build up the color depth and use the Sony sharping tool by sharping just enough for the video to look good then render ntsc dv widescreen mpg 2 and then when its done i use the the quick medias tool and get the quality i want.

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