I used to use Panasonic mi


I used to use Panasonic micro-cams that had a separate camera control unit, recorder and two battery packs. Now I use the Viosport Adventure Cam III. http://www.viosport.com The weight has been trimmed from 13 pounds to less than 2 pounds. Viosport offers many types of mounts but there are times and mounting conditions that require custom designed mounts or just plain ‘ol duct tape. A lot of the time I will carve a piece of foam to match the surface contour, notch out a spot for the camera, then tape the whole thing neatly. I have done this on the outside of jets and aerobatic planes hundreds of times. The secret is multi-directional layers of tape for strength, then applying the final layer such that all bare ends of the tape face to to rear so no air can get under the ends. You can buy duct tape in a wide variety of colors to match the client’s paint scheme. Gaffers tape does not have the adhesive quality for sticking down camera cables to the outside of an airplane. Test the painted surface for poor paint adhesion prior to committing to taping the system on. If in doubt, don’t do it unless the client knows there could be paint separation problems. Cables can be run internally if there is an access panel to feed the cables through, but you better know what you are doing due to the fact that there are control cables, rods, pulleys, and electrical systems. I have the experience of 20 years of Naval Aviation, so that really helps.

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