i used pinnacle studio 12


i used pinnacle studio 12 ultimate before switching to premiere pro. i still have it on my computer and it’s not that bad. i still use it from time to time. it handles MJPG codecs a lot better than premiere pro does, for example.

you’re probably using the Capture tab to find what had been captured before. that might not work, since THIS version of pinnacle didn’t capture it, so it’s not in THIS version’s memory bank. instead, try staying in the Edit tab and click on the blank folder icon at the top that allows you to navigate to a different folder. then, navigate to the folderon your computer whereyou saved all those files. it should see them if you put it in that folder. make sure the windows Open dialog box is looking for “All Supported File Types” and not one specific type of file, too. sometimes that throws people off. (That’s a windows selection, really, not a pinnacle selection–it can throw people off in any type of software.)

(forgive me if you already tried this, but it sounds like it might be the problem. if pinnacle can load projects from the old version, then it sounds like it’s working okay.)

good luck!

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