I used Pinnacle from about


I used Pinnacle from about version 9 to 12. As they got older, they got better. By 12 (Ultimate, so you can do HD with it) I had pretty much a bug-free experience with it. In fact, I edited HD with WAY less specs than they called for on an old laptop and it actually burned great.

My answer for Terry M would be it depends on what you want to do. It will do basic stuff great. If you’re just starting out, go for it. I upgraded to Premiere Pro recently and I miss the ease of use with Pinnacle, and I’m learning as I go, but you can obviously do a lot more and expect a much greater product with Premiere Pro.

Perhaps you should get Pinnacle, and then compare it with Premiere. You’ll find it well worth the $100 or more you pay for Pinnacle. I still use it on occasion, but less and less as I learn Premiere.

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