I used Liquid 7 in the pas


I used Liquid 7 in the past also the Adobe software but ended up with Vegas 8. Add in a couple of plug-ins and its very capable. Any editing suite will be a large learning curve. To me Vegas is much easier than Adobe to get things done. And you don’t have to have after effects to do effects in Vegas. I’d add the Boris plug-ins Graffiti and Fx to complete the set-up. I think the reason some people don’t like or say Vegas is hard to learn have a valid point. If you aren’t used to poking around the software just to see what things will or won’t do then Vegas probably isn’t your cup of tea. I just wish the plug-in makers would hurry up and upgrade their software to 64 bit so I could use Vegas 8.1 all the time. Since you can run both versions at the same time I use 8.1 to get the initial timeline done and rendered then switch over to 8.0 for any effects etc. Only problem is 8.1 can’t render the effects so you loose probably its best feature. It really does speed up rendering. Also you get 3 licences with Vegas. No problem to round up some pc’s and create a render farm. If you decide to go with Vegas check out the books by Douglas Spotted Eagle through Vaast. They have training materials and a lot more for Vegas.


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The best lights for video production — 2021

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