I used a Canon ZR25 for tw


I used a Canon ZR25 for two years will I was in high school. In all we probably shot about 15 hours of video on it a year plus we used it as a deck for EVERY editing project that my class put out, which included 2 50 minute video festivals. My point being is that I got the same error message as you did and all I did was turn the camera off and then back on. Got the tape out and then ran a cleaning tape through it just to clean the heads. I do feel for you however.
About the GL2, if I seem to remember 28 days later was shot on the GL2 and it was a beautiful movie. I realize the spent countless hours color correcting the footage but what movie doesn’t? Haveing shott on Sony’s, Canon, Betas and DVC Pros: I can say as far as mini dv formats go canon CCD’s are great. I love the color they produce, and would only trade them in for something along the lines of DVC Pro or Beta SP.

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