I use three PC Dells confi


I use three PC Dells configured at 4 gb memory 500gb hard drives and a Maxtor 750gb external.

Software Im using is Adobe Creative suite 3 with adobe premier pro.

All works very fast and I know Not everyone can do this with budgets I build this up over two years.

The Pc’s allow me muti configurtions with input output boards something I found very helpful to stay fluid.

I started with a PC AMD processor at 2.1 gighertz so Iwas very successful with it and a 125 gb drive.

with 2g memory.This system was already 3 years old when I started. Still have it 5 years later. Added 1 250gb drive later. Everyone above is correct about Vista I dont think you want to take on this right now stick with what works.

As far as Mac or PC it’s a user choice although for me the costs benifit with add in boards has been far more reasonable.

Hope this helps

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