I use the Zoom H4N all the


I use the Zoom H4N all the time. my set up is that I get the sound from the EVENT sound board and input it in MY sound board (Mackie 1642-vlz3) c/w the extra mic(s) that I may require. my soundboardOUT is set to MIC and I use the to outputs to connect to the H4N.

My H4N setting are:

– set to stereo Recording WAV 24 bit 96khz (sometimes to MP3 320Kbps)

– during the sound check, I set the recording volume to unity on MY sound board and to 0 db on the H4N then I go back and adjust My sound board to -6db and monitor the sound board during the event.

– I always use the AC power

works for me every time…

hope this helps

if you require more info I can verify when I get back to the studio tonight


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