I use the two-camera metho


I use the two-camera method as outlined by Bruce, with matching units. But occasionally I have a so-called one-camera gig and am comfortable enough with the cameras I use that I can sustain a nice, slow (or even FAST, for that matter) zoom to tighten the shot.

If I get the smooth zoom I want in-camera I’ll stay with it, but often I’ve acquired enough cutaway shots at some point during an event that I can hide the fast zoom and reframing behind a crowd shot or other visual for a few seconds. The approach and technique, of course, depends on the type of presentation I’m covering. Personally I prefer NOT to do zoom or crop shots in post due to the image degradation concerns mentioned.

Additionally, when I have room to roam, and some decent cutaway shots for cover, I’ll even change locations to get another angle. I’ve occasionally had clients ask me how many cameras I used, wondering how I could get all those angles with two, or even one.

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