I use the Epson380 (discon


I use the Epson380 (discontinued) and suspect the current iteration, whatever that model may be, is equally reliable. The reason I’ve kept with the 380 is that I have a GREAT continuous bulk ink supply that greatly reduces my printing costs for DVDs and cover inserts, etc. With the Ink Caddy II, for the Epson 260/380 (both, I think, discontinued, but some people in our business say they find them on E-bay, Amazon and elsewhere for cheap) I get the equivalent of 11 6-cartridge replacements for $60.

I don’t know if there is a current Ink Caddy, or other brand/model continuous ink supply for any other printers or Epson print models, but these are the best things to happen in the cheap printer with expensive inks industry. I purchased my stuff from denverdisk or disc (cannot remember the k or c) formerly reliant digital.

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