I use the DVD-r format an


I use the DVD-r format and find it has the least problems.
I ahve a AU$1500 Pioneer DVD player that is sooooo touchy when it comes to DVD. My son purchased a Cheap unit (AU$60 – in oz thats cheap, and the darn thing playes everything.
My brother-in law ahs two identical DVD players, one will play a DVD of his daughters Debutante ball, the other will not. We tried a different Disc, different brand and a different format and it still wont play.

This technology is not what it is made out to be either. Depending on the brand of recordable DVD, it could last 6 months, it could last 6 years.
Depends in the Dyes they use and they way the dic is manufactured.
Even the comercial ones don’t always last and they are pressed.

I don’t have duel layer burning equipment, but some of my friends do, and they say -R will only play on hteir computer, whilst +R works on all machines.
Duel layer sounds interesting and probably ideal fro those who produce long video. I generally produce 20 -30 mins and it fits on standard DVD okay.
I did try a 2 hour holiday video, it was compressed and the quality was very good. I still think no matter how good the video quality, editing, music, etc, etc, etc,…. Two hours of holiday footage is too much

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