I use studio 9 plus 9.4.3


I use studio 9 plus 9.4.3 and have had no trouble at all

I had purchased edition 4.5 and the capture card with break out box.

Edition was a hunk of junk. Computer crashed, blue screens all the time. When it did evenetually work video audio sync was so far out all my projects looked like dubbed movies from the 60’s.

I tried to use Premiere pro 7 and it worked fine with analog and digital capture. I was on a strict deadline and did not have the learning time available so I went to “Studio 9” I got my job done on time and I was very happy with the overall quality

I ended up staying with Studio 9 for several reasons:
1. very easy and fast to learn to use.
2. Allowed intergration of smart sound within the program
3 Allows intergrated DVD authoring within the program
4 more stable than Edition 5
5 Has two video track
6 I can create a superb photo show

Over all with my experince I can honestly say this is the easiest and most reliable program I have used for video editing / dvd authoring

Just a foot note on all the other negative feed back. It is my honset opinion that if you are going to do video editing, then you need a machine just for that. My Video editing machine is dedicated only to video editing and slide show creation. No internet, no games, no photo editing software, no office soft ware no nuthin.
Windows XP pro and device drivers were loaded. Then Studio 9 plus.

I have a Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz processor, 2 gb ram, Asus p4p8000 mother board with 800mhz front serial bus. and intergrated SoundMax sound card.
Asus agpv94800 128meg video card with duel head.out put.. 2x Samsung 753DFX CRT monitors and 4 identical x 250 gig Ata hard drives. The operating system, Nero 6 and Asus dvd player are on the C drive. Capturing of the video goes to D drive. Projects are created on E Drive and the rendering/final project etc goes to F drive
All photo’s are editied on a seperate computer and are imported to the video computer via a 1 gig flash drive.

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