I use Pinnacle Studio 9 (P


I use Pinnacle Studio 9 (Plus version) and I haven’t had a single problem. I have been to the Pinnacle user forums, and granted, there are a lot of posts from people who have all kinds of problems. What you rarely see there are posts from people praising the product because they have no problems whatsoever. But that’s the whole reason for the user forums: to get help with problems.

I’ve tried Sony Vegas Movie Studio, and I’ll be darned if I can really figure it out. I’m not a novice, and I always read software instruction manuals from cover to cover. Here’s the thing: I installed Sony Vegas Movie Studio AFTER I had already been using Pinnacle Studio 8 SE. There is no comparison in the user interface, as Compusolver points out. Pinnacle Studio is MUCH easier to use and master, and version 9 Plus does just about everything Vegas Movie Studio does, I believe. So I was already “spoiled” by the ease of use of Pinnacle Studio before trying out Vegas Movie Studio. I put the Sony product aside and purchased Pinnacle Studio 9 Plus.

As stated above, I started out with Pinnacle Studio 8 SE, a trimmed-down version of Studio 8 that came bundled with my DVD burner. After having spent about $100 on Sony Vegas Movie Studio + DVD, I decided to spend yet another $100 on Pinnacle Studio 9 Plus. You can almost figure out the program without a users manual, although I am not advocating this. And you can author and burn DVD’s right from within the Studio 9 interface.

ANY software is capable of having bugs or problems working on ANY computer. Keep in mind that video editing is the most processor-intensive job you can do on a home PC, regardless of the software.

You may or may not be right about Sony Vegas Movie Studio being more stable than Pinnacle Studio 9, I don’t know. I have both, but I haven’t used the Sony product much at all due to frustration in trying to master it. Again, I’ve had no problems using Studio 9. Keep in mind that for any problems you may encounter with Studio 9, there is probably a fix. I say probably, but don’t hold me to it.

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