I use my Canon XL1s. Ther


I use my Canon XL1s. Therefore, the image and quality is extremely good. That is about a 6 thousand dollar camera. I do the work myself with only one camera.

Then I edit the wedding from sun up (literally time elapsing the sun rising on the church) until the reception is over. Everything from dressing, the bed and breakfast, the chariott ride over to the church, the ceremony, the pictures afterwards, the reception, and the exit by the couple getting into their written on and trashed vehicle with the cans hangin from the back and bird seed all over the vehicle. Then I go home and edit it.

I give them a menu with the edited version (including music), the photo album, and a highlight spot. The background of the menu was an original pic I took from the film of the wedding. I then photoshopped a before pic and after pic for the DVD case and included 5 copies.

As this was my first (and only so far) wedding, I charged 600 dollars. Note: I WILL NEVER DO ALL THAT WORK FOR 600 DOLLARS AGAIN!!!!! After all the quality, creativity, and work I put into it, I probably got about 4 bucks / hour. But I do have one SPECTACULAR wedding video for my portfolio.

I easily could have gotten around 1.5 grande for that video. And that is what I am charging next time. Heck that is with only one cam, but still!!!!

Anyone in TEXAS want to partner up??? We can definitely make something happen combining our talents and equipment. Let me know! Happy filming to all!

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