I use manual focus on all my


I use manual focus on all my equipment that has proper lenses – that have variable parameters – so focus, zoom and aperture, because it’s the only way to make sure the image is sharp where it needs to be. If it’s somewhere further than my arm length, then I use a remote – even though sometimes this is a pain. Sometimes it means presenting the focus position and testing.

I also have a cheap consumer handicam that does 1080 with decent images, and this I leave on autofocus – which means it is correct most of the time. It just gets caught out by things in the image that IT believes are important and focuses on, when I consider the lamp post to be unimportant and the object behind it, filling the frame, to be the critical one. However, I know it will do it. I also know manual focus is terrible on it, so I adapt to make it work. Most of my crane shots tend to be wides anyway – so focus isn’t a huge issue.

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