“I use Magix now, which is


“I use Magix now, which isn’t perfect, but at least got some vids in the can.”

“(Wish they had more than 3 video tracks though.)”

I’ve heard from quite a few folks that switched. MEP14+ has 99 tracks on the timeline, kinda overkill but I’m glad they are there. πŸ™‚ I don’t know if any NLE is perfect. I’ve never had a major issue with MEP. I did have MEP ‘crash’ once but it was because I tried to load a file that I didn’t have the codec for. The cool thing was MEP14+ will let you save your work before it shuts down. So I didn’t lose anything, I just restarted it and continued on.

I’m not sure what pinnacle’s issue is but I hear a lot of folks seem to think it sucks.


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