I use FaceBook & Twitt


I use FaceBook & Twitter, Facebook mostly for friends and family. Twitter I will use for business but I decided when I started that I didn’t want it to be just business links and comments.

I have a RSS feed on my blog for Twitter so readers can read my tweets. I try to inject some personality into it too with comments about whatever I’m doing and if I find a good link I tweet about it.

When I first started using Twitter I followed several business twitters and found them boring. Yes the links were sometimes useful but I felt no need to explore them further. They didn’t ‘drive’ me to know the person or their business/site any more.

Those who tweet too much got axed too. Some sending a tweet every 5 minutes. But the ones who let their personality loose in the twitters and do also talk about video and things I’m interested in are fasinating. Plus the talking back & forth can be interesting too. I guess it’s a bit like voyerism. Like reading someone elses text messages.

If I get a feeling from a followers tweets that they are having fun and doing business then I get interested. Constant commercials or just one liners to ‘visit this’ or ‘come here’ come across to me too much like spam and ads and I rarely go.

I’m more interested in who you are, what you are doing and how it’s working out for you than one text spot after the other. But thats me.

I try to do the same. I ‘chat’ back & forth with others but also send links and liners about something I’ve discovered that may help others. Rather than trying to drive people to me, I let them follow if they want to. Plus they get to know me in the process.

As far as Facebook, I don’t see it much as a business place. I joined the SIV group there and though it has members rarely do they actually post or talk. It quickly got regailed to the fun stuff only and family connections.

I run a social network on NING for the Movie Edit Pro users and that is very succesful. I run contests, have a tech forum and chat room. It is a place for fun and video related stuff.

I use Twitter daily, sometimes a lot and sometimes rarely but I try to keep a presence on it. Feel free to follow me if you like: http://twitter.com/AspyRider

This of course is just my opinion and how I’ve approached the social network places. My partner at Phoenixclips and I often use Paltalk to talk to each other while we work and that works out well too. Being able to voice chat and not have to type it is a good thing.

Twitter is fun and informative. I’m sure I’ll keep using it. πŸ˜‰


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