I use either my on-camera


I use either my on-camera mic or preferably one of my Zoom H2 standalone digital recorders to pick up as many minutes as I can of clean ambient room sound … no talking, shuffling feet, whatever, just the room … and use this to ramp up/down between scene changes.

I also place my H2’s strategically around the area … in wedding for example, at the podium where the readers will be, the officiant and/or groom, where the string ensemble, soloist(s) or other singers might be. All this makes for more work in post but it makes for GREAT audio over what can be achieved with the on-camera units.

The difference is often notable because of the various cameras proximity to the audio source and each other. Also, even with the Zoom units, and stereo capable camcorder mic systems, the left/right mic will be stronger based on its location in relation to the audio sources.

When I cannot acquire clean room ambience, I will scrub through my footage because there’s usually several seconds of decent “quiet” room ambience between other noises that might occur. I will use this piece to ramp between scene changes.

In a perfect world you would, of course, select whichever of your audio tracks is the best, most consistent, cleanest, unbroken and use THAT track as your audio base. This often will result in fewer necessary audio adjustments in post.

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