I use CS3, so I hope this


I use CS3, so I hope this applies, but generally speaking you would open a new project in the format of your smallest signal. If the files I’m using are going to DVD I open a project in DV-NTSC-Widescreen 48KHz. I mix two HDV with one SD w/o problems doing that. I either rescale the HDV (68% I think) or leave it at 100% and pan and zoom.

For non DVD I usually don’t use my SD camera and open a project as HDV720p30 I can rescale 48% or pan and zoom at 100%.

How you render any project doesn’t affect your captured files so you can use them in another project either higher or lower. However, if you are going to do a lot of editing than it would be a shame to start all over. In that case, start high and render low using the media encoder – and keep and eye on the output tab in the encoder.

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