I use a wireless lav on the


I use a wireless lav on the officiant because it's nearly impossible (and some might say rude) to track down and interupt the groom after walking down the aisle. (I never put it on the bride.) The officiant is standing between the two people and gets the couple's audio equally. Their voices will almost always be low compaired to the officient so you need to bump up their audio in post. You can use rubber bands/keyframes or tools in an audio editor to achieve good, consistent volume.


I use either camera audio from my B cam or a shotgun on my A camera for room audio and mix that in with the main channel as needed. It usually sounds better when recording singers, music, etc.


I've just started stashing a Zoom H2n on/near the altar and have had good luck with it. (Any of the Zoom recorders should work alright.)


Listen to each of your audio sources and use whichever sounds best for the varioius segments of the ceremony.


Also, don't trust other people's audio sources or gear. Always make sure you've got your own trusted source with a backup.

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