I use a Sennheiser g2 wire


I use a Sennheiser g2 wireless system for the vows and my Senn shotgun for ambience and music at the ceremony. Just watch out for Blackberrys and cell phones with the wireless. I had these awful pops of interference for a while and finally figured it out when i shot a lecture at 5 towns college. I saw the students messing with their phones and there was the pop. So now i ask the wedding party to turn off phones.

Reception i use the Senn shotgun for close action and an audio techicia Stereo mic with a portable mixer With the wireless transmitter for the dj and mic mix. Gonna try my zoom h4 next time though. Easier setup and decent audio. It had a bad drift last time i used it for a concert but i fixed in post after some mountain dews. There have been a bunch of updates so maby they fixed it.

Also as Rob mentioned the beachtek is worth it to get. Level adjustments and dual xlr inputs. You always want a backup source. You got 1 shot to do it.

Hope this helps you out.

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