I use a intel mac mini (wh


I use a intel mac mini (which is not near as fast as the latest mac pro’s) and my system almost always is fully real time. (except for export of course) I would assume that the systems you are using (which are about 5-6 years old keep that in mind) are simply too slow to playback in real time with transitions and effects. This is not the case with todays systems. As it is not the same with current pc based systems. While it has no setting called automatic the settings which would equal auto is UnlimitedRT and Dynamic Playback quality. (these can be found the RT button at the top left of the Time line) I switched because in my last semester in college I realized that FCP and Avid (also Autodesk but thats more on the compositing side of things) are the only games in town when it comes to real professional studios and television stations. Avid is also loosing a great deal of share to Apple recently. Avid’s stock dropped 25% the other day because they admitted in a conference call that they had lost a great deal of market share to FCP. So Final Cut is growing into the top dog of the Professional video space. If you don’t want to work in a professional studio or a television station then stick with premiere but if you want to work in this industry go with FCP or Avid. Premiere is great I like it more than FCP or especially better than Avid but I would rather be most familiar with the program that my employer wants me to know. I am much more employable that way.

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