I use a 6 core 980x – I li


I use a 6 core 980x – I like it – but it is not necessary. I believe there are more “common” 6 core i7s out there now so the price gap may not be so large. I also use a solid state HD for my OS, but that will have very little effect on your editing – just speeds up the opening of programs that are installed on your main drive. I would say 6-8GB minimum RAM if you want the PC to last you a while. If it was within your budget then update all the slots to at least 2GB sticks (4GB gets a little insane in price) so you would typically have 8GB or 12GB ram (4 or 6 slots). Again, this is all about your budget – what you are describing is a pretty decent editing machine so far.

The toughest – or most delicate part – of building a PC is installing the CPU. They are starting to become more and more pinless, but still a delicate process. It is very likely though that if you go to a component store like Microcenter or some “Ma and Pop’s” outlet – they will install this for you (a lot of time free if you are buying most of your components there) and test out your board to make sure everything is running correctly before you bring it home. Then you just leave it in place and finish at home. It is not really that difficult, but if something goes wrong during this part of the install, usually it voids warranty. If you are great at following instructions, it is still a breeze.

The best part of a home built PC is when you install the OS – you get ONLY the OS and not all the BS proprietary or adware that comes pre-installed on a big name brand PC – thus greatly speeding up your PC from day 1. YOU have full control of what gets installed, or what does not get installed on your PC

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