I use 4 Zoom H2 digital re


I use 4 Zoom H2 digital recorders. They are a bit big for pockets, but I’ve used them that way and they do work, especially when you use wired mics, and like was mentioned above, get you settings right. I have often used the unit’s mics – the front records a 90 degree angle, the rear a 120 degree. I have used Velcro (hook & loop), gaffer’s tape, mic stands and the foot thingy that comes with the units, taped to podium, rail, upside-down from gazebo or archway, just about everywhere, and obtained excellent sound.

I have recorded front/back to get primary audio from the source, as well as ambient audio from the audience. There are dozens of possibilities with using these units – with external, wireless or wired mic heads/receivers.

I like also that, being a bit conservative in my settings I sometimes underestimate the levels and the audio is lower than I would prefer. The units allow me to break apart sections of the recorded file, and I can “normalize” them all or selectively, bringing the levels back up to zero without ill-effecting the quality. Not bad for under $200.

You CAN spent more than $300 for the Zoom’s recently released and “improved” big brother, the Zoom 4 (there is an older model H4 also), and I suppose it is well worth the extra bucks, but I am so very pleased with the H2s I doubt I will be tempted.

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