I use 3 Sony VX2100’s. The


I use 3 Sony VX2100’s.

There is one church that I’ve worked at in town on a regular basis that I have this same problem.

After multiple opportunities to film here and figure out a correction:

For my stationary (Unmanned) camera I leave it on Automatic (Depending on the time of year).
Then if the sun shines in, it will at least partially keep the color in check.

For my manned cameras, I alternate between the White Balance (That I set) for indoor and the Sun (auto) setting, depending on the lighting.

Correcting in Post:
I read a very useful article in Videomaker at the beginning of the summer about White balancing in post.
I use FCP but this can be adjusted for any of the Editing Suites.

Use the “Color Corrector 3-Way” in the Video Filter list.
Use the Visual Color Wheel tool. You’ll see 3 wheels; Black, Mids, and Whites.
Click on the eye dropper tool next to the Whites wheel.
Go to the Canvas and find a spot with White on the screen.
Click it, and the white will be corrected.

Now this is not completely error free. You may still have to do a little tweaking to get the color exactly where you want it but it certainly gives you a GREAT starting place. It also helps you match up the different camera. Since the cameras are all at different angles, they are all getting a slightly different Shot of the light.

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