I upped the wattage a bit,


I upped the wattage a bit, from 1500 total to 1800, and used a slip-in-turn-twist-and-click-into-place type lamp. My Cool-Lux camera/stand top units use the funnly long tube-like lamp with the flattened ends that clip into place. Some lamps give off a more directional beam, or are a different temperature altogether – depends on your primary use. I find that lamps are simply hotter and larger wattage-wise, not necessary functionally different. Still use diffusion material in front of most any lamp I use.

Will soon be investing in the lower-priced LitePanels units (two, for now, come with filters etc.) as well as the more expensive kits they carry. Really, REALLY nice and effective (I’ve seen them in live demonstrations at shows).

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