I understandwherethe groom


I understandwherethe groom iscoming fromhere- it’s his (and his new wife’s!) wedding, andthey want tohave many memoriesof it.It’s unfortunatehehasgotten upset likethis, but justremember that witha lotofcompaniesoutthere peoplehaveto get upset before their error gets fixed.It doesn’tmakeitright- it just seemsto be what works (especiallybig box stores- they don’tlike peoplemaking scenes).

Thatsaid,Icompletely understandwhere youarecoming from-ittakesa lotof effort, skill,time, and creativityto edit a wedding.Andthat’swhen youhaveallgoodfootage.When yourfootageisless than optimal ittakesall your creativity andskillandcan be very frustrating (I was editing somefootage from ashowIrecorded forsome people awhile back andthey basicallymademe stick mycamerainthe back… editingthe footage was very frustrating!).

But you did promise the bride and groom avideo and youneedtogivethemsomething. Itsoundslike you’vegotsome great advice sofar.

A couplethings youcould lookinto arethe Deshaker plugin for Virtualdub.Ithelpsremove shakienessinvideo with the catch beingthatit electronicallyzoomsinto picturetodoso (the amountof zoom depends on the amountof shakieness).This mighthelpremove that shakieness youhad.

Another optionwould beto work on sort oflike aslow-mo musicvideo kind of “dream” sequence ofthe wedding.That way youcan highlight the “mainpoints” ofthe wedding, suchas whenthe brideand groom kiss attheceremony,etc,withoutneedingtoo much footage.Maybe youcould dothisalongside with giving “stock”footageoftherestofthe wedding withfull audiosotheycan hear their vows orsomething (orfind a wayto putthe vowsinto the dreamvideo… my original thought was to do that with a complete audio dub).

I don’tmeanto beharshhere, but you promisedsomethingtothecustomerand “thecustomerisalwaysright” so youneedto givethem something.If you’llre-read his emailhe wasn’tnecessarily lookingfor a specificdate,buttheconfidencethat youwould be working onit.

It kindofsoundslikehe interpreted what you said as “I’ll get to it when I feel like it.” It’s kind of the same situation when I worked as off-hour IT help for a local company. One of the Execs called me up and asked for some computer assistance (it needed to be plugged in, btw :-P) so I told him I’d be over to his office in a few minutes. I meant this as it would take me a few minutes to walk across the grounds to his office. He took it as “I want to finish what I’m doing, so when I’m done I’ll come over” and wasn’t happy. Little misunderstandings like this can cause a lot of bad words to be thrown about, but you just need to push through and let your skill shine through. Try to be as nice to your customers no matter what they say- a happy customer on average tells 6 other people, but an unhappy customer on average tells 21 other people.

One morething: youmayhave been looking for sympathy orsimply tryingtoshow howthe groom wasreacting, but Ifeelit’s very unprofessionaltopostemailslikethat online (I hope youchanged his nameinthe emailatleast).Email is often expectedto beconfidential and people can get even more upset than this groom is by seeing an email like this posted online (it’s happened to me and I got very upset about it).

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