I understanda little bette


I understanda little better now, Adam,

Onething you’ll wanttodoismake suretheoutput(s) on yourlaptopsmatch theinput(s) on your LCD monitor. Also, I know some Mac laptops require a “dongle” to adapt their video output to a standard connection.

If your laptops are newer, they most likely will have a DVI output on them, which is pretty standard and on mostLCD’s. If they are older they might have a VGA or even just an S-Video output.

Then you’ll wanttofind an LCD thathastheinputs youneed.Also,Irecomend figuringout whatresolution youneed (gotoa localcomputer storeand checkoutdifferent LCD’s- generallythebiggertheLCD thebiggertheresolution (17 and19inchhave oneres,20and 22inchhave abiggerres,23/24/27have yet abiggerres, and 30haveyet a biggerres).

As for mycomputersetup, I’vegot 2 monitorsand the TV I talked about inanearlierpost. My monitors are a 24″ 8-bit panel and a 19″ TN panel. The 24″ is the Dell 2408WFP and it’s amazing. The 19″ is a Hanns-G and it’s been a very sturdy worker for me (and a steal at the price I got it for), though no TN panel will be the best. I would recomend one of these brands simply because I use them. I’ve never used something like an Apple display, but I’ve heard most people are happy with them; but from what I heard my monitors are as good (19″) or much better (24″) and for a cheaper price. I don’t know… maybe I’m missing something as to what makes the Apple displays are so much more expensive?

Hope this gives you some information to help you in your search.

Ohyeah… one morething- Idon’tknowif you care,butaninterestingfactis that about 90%oftheLCD panels madetodayareactually madeby Samsung or Benq.:)

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