I understand you don’t hav


I understand you don’t have much experience with mics, but we will be able to provide better guidance if you describe what you’re shooting, what kind of video you are trying to make, and what your shooting situation will be. For example:

Will this be a round table discussion? For that, hard-wired lavalier mics would be your best option. If it’s more than 2 people speaking around the table, a mic is needed for each person. Then each mic is fed to a mixer, and then the mixer is fed to the camera. Cameras only have 2 mic inputs, which is why the mixer would be needed if more than 2 people are miced.

If you are out walking the streets and you have a “host” doing news style interviews, you would want a handheld mic. For less of a “news look”, you could use a shotgun mic on a boom to eliminate the mic from the shot altogether.

Or maybe you want to do documentary-style interviews. A lavalier and/or boom would be suitable in that situation as well.

So those are just some examples. I know you said you don’t have someone to hold a boom, but if it’s needed, hire someone. Bad audio will KILL your production. It’s worth doing right. I only recommend wireless mics as a last resort – in uncontrolled situations when you’re running around. If you can’t get a wired mic on someone or can’t get a boom in there, then the only choice left is wireless.

Provide us with some info about what you hope to achieve and we’ll guide you in the right direction.

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