I try to avoid lights at w


I try to avoid lights at weddings whenever possible. However… rules are made to be broken.

For ceremonies, definitely ask the client first. And be honest with them. Explain thatthe less the light, the worse the video. Let them decide. Check out the venue if you’ve never been there. You may be able to get them to work with you on their spots for the dais since most facilities have special lighting for the podium area. If you add your own lights, make sure you aren’t casting harsh shadows.

For receptions, I try to avoid lights, or use as little light as possible. But again, check with your client. They may say go ahead, blind grandma for good video. The viewer will thank you later. πŸ™‚

Something as simple as an LED panel with a dimmer may give you a couple of extra stops of light and make the different between usable or unusable video. My panel has sunlight temperature as its default and an amber filter for 3200k. Inside lighting, especially low light, is generally in the 3200k range.

Finally, there’s the asthetic to consider. Do you mind that spotlight look in your video? Just like with the ceremony, ask to see if you can bring up the house lights a nitch or two at the reception.

I find communication, pre-planning an preperation are the keys to being able to get the best litvideo at a wedding.

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