I tried to capture from my


I tried to capture from my Canon XL1s and for some reason, it can be controlled by the capture tools in Premiere Pro, but it won’t show up on screen. It keeps saying to "reset the device" and won’t let me capture! I chose the Canon listing and device specific option on the device panel. Then I hit rewind and it will. Then I hit play and it won’t work on the Capture Screen. Troubleshooting only said something about having another 3rd party program going that is trying to do the capturing but I really don’t think so. the only thing I can think of is if Windows Movie Maker is trying to do anything when I connect my device (Cannon XL1s).

Help! What is going on! ?

in exchange for your help, I will tell you where to get a free video sharing account: ZoomVid.com

Ok, thanks to any and everyone that can help! I need to finish editing this Go-Kart commercial I’ve made! grrrrrrrrrr 😑

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