I totally went off topic b

Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

I totally went off topic but from your answer I now have more knowledge and a clear understanding of which NLE I should stick with. Jerron is right, the Adobe suite is definetly right for me and for my purpose. I have to thank Jerron for introducing the portable device dilema, it had become part of our business plan and is another excellent way to market our product and always have our audience happy. And thanks Composite1 for your excellent answers and patience. You clearly state that Vegas is an excellent NLE and I was a little bit upset with Vegas since in my Cinema class many people use Premiere and saying that Final Cut is great and all and me the only Vegas user remain strong with the fact that Vegas is awesome. In the end the one editing all the proyect is me and Premiere user are surprise at how easy and powerful Vegas is. Im really happy with Vegas.

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