I totally agree with kkmac


I totally agree with kkmac but to answer your questions:

1. What brand of media do you use?
2. Do you ever use Duel Layer?
3. What burner do you use?
4. What editing program do you use?
5. When you make the Disc, what audio settings do you use? (PCM? MPA?)
6. When you make an AVI, what setting do you use for compression? (DV Video encoder, DIVX, Cinepac, etc?)
7. In Studio, when making a disc, what advanced settings should be chosen?
– VBR or CBR bit rate?
– Progressive encoding/ Always re-encode entire movie/ Enforce strict DVD compatibility?

1. I’ve always used Imation because I can get a 100 pack of printable top ones at Sams Club (which I print directly onto using an epson r220) for $30 and I’ve never had a bad one, ever. Plus no compatability problems that I’ve heard of.
2. I haven’t had need of as of yet but I would if I had to.
3. A Sony (cant remember the model number) that I got a year and a half ago when I built my PC. It’s a 16x.
4. Adobe video collection – Looking forward to CS3 Production bundle.
5. I always use PCM for the same reasons kkmac said.
6. When I encode AVI to edit and convert to a DVD I use UNcompressed (lossless) settings. Again, for the same reason kkmac said.
7. Once more, I agree with kkmac. It depends on the length of the project but most weddings I do I use a CBR.
I generally shoot in progressive (frame) mode so I keep with progressive/yes/yes.

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