I took a look at these guy


I took a look at these guys and they sort of ‘seem’ legit. What makes me suspicious is though they do have a number of press releases online, there isn’t much other info out there to suggest a well established company.

Apparently, you submit your Name, E-mail and a short message and they’ll ‘send you’ a briefing package that describes what they’re looking for. On their website they do give two examples of story lines for ‘soft sell’ branding. From what I read, they want you to make a commercial about them using their company logo which is a ‘Golden Goat’.

Where things get fuzzy, is they say they want an ‘animation’ of this concept, but the descriptions in the examples clearly suggest a live-action commercial. Not to mention, they do not specify whether they want the project done in English or Chinese.

I did a conversion of the prize money into US Currency and it pans out to $1,249.87. If you think that the potential of your winning with a company in China is worth the effort it would take to do a 15 sec. 2D/3D animated or live-action commercial, feel free to take your chances.

However, be advised; even if this contest is on the up, they would only pick one vid and they’d have this lovely free pool of e-mails and names and other info that could be pedaled to the highest bidder. There’s nothing to stop them from doing that if they have a mind to.

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