I too, would like to appro


I too, would like to approach this topic a little more seriously than I am currently, and I am guessing that EarlC will chime in here as I think he has written about this type of production.

My background is thus:

I have been filming my son’s football games for the last few years (he’s in 8th grade now). I do not sit in the bleachers and shoot handheld, I am perched on top of the announcers box (or in it) with tripod and remote control w/lanc. I use a Sony V1U with Manfrotto 501. I have done this at my own expense because in the end, it’s my son and I wanted the footage. (I understand that you are not in the same situation). I have made a few dvd copies to some of the parents and after some recent conversations with them, they were not willing to spend $20/game for a dvd, but would be willing to spend more for the entire season. I have just started compiling the first season, broken up to about 3 games per DL DVD’s, and will approach the parents in a couple weeks in hopes of the Christmas buying season. I plan to make one master set, and then duplicate the “orders” as necessary (I do have a duplicator).

My feeling is that the best approach might be to talk with the schools Booster Club or parents and try to work out an agreement with them. If you can make it profitable for the school, parents seem more willing to purchase and help out. I don’t believe that approaching the students or coach will get you far. Once you have something worked out with the booster club, it could open the door to individual player highlight reels, or something more solid for next year’s season.

That;s my .02 πŸ™‚


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