I too was going to praise


I too was going to praise Blackmagic. I’ve been very impressed by their abilities.

One thing – have you set aside budget for comms? A cabled duplex system is by far the best, and realistically, you’re looking at £150 per pack&headset, plus at the minimum, a power supply. Comms is absolutely critical. Some people do it with cheap radios, but quality of the audio is a bit more limited, they run on batteries, and if the director has to talk – it really needs to be continuous. The director really can’t be pressing buttons – so even with a budget radio at the other end, the base station will probably run at least £500 for a second hand one, plus license at £75 or so.

I have a budget end portable unit – 3 or 4 cameras, with the cameras running on multicore cables, that carry video, audio, comms and power, feeding a For-a switchers, with monitors and comms is by far the most critical. We use it for imag – feeding screens in theatres, with a bit of conference work. It doesn’t get as much use as we’d like – mainly because the cameramen need paying – so the increase in the number of people messes up the budget!

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